Tube Conveyor

Gruber MFG designs and builds a variety of tube conveyors to meet our customers loading/unloading requirements. Different lengths are available up to 95' and all tube conveyors are adjustable height. Our tube conveyors come standard with a 10" tube and 14" belt. We have Top Drive and "S" Drive configurations and all of our tube conveyors can be powered by a gas engine or electric motor. Load/Unload capacity is up to 85 ton per hour, depending on product.

Standard Features:

- 10" tube, 12ga steel

- 14" PVC belt

- Adjustable height 

- Adjustable discharge hood

- Heavy Duty Bearings On All Rollers And Pulleys

Available Options:

- Gas engine, electric motor, hydraulic motor

- Stainless Steel tube, hopper, and discharge hood

- Wind Guard

- Super Sack Hopper

Suggested Uses:

To load / unload the following material:

- Grain

- Sand

- Fertilizer

- Soybean

- Feed Meal

- Salt

- Sugar

- And Much More!!!