Sand Conveyor

Gruber MFG's Sand Conveyor is the fastest portable solution in the industry. It is powered by a John Deere Diesel, which makes it a self-contained unit, meaning it can be used in remote location with little maintenance required. It is a versatile, high capacity conveyor that will quickly unload a variety of materials. It is portable, which makes it an ideal choice for when having a fixed pit under the rails isn't feasible. It has a low profile pan section that makes maneuvering under railcars easier. It also comes with truck ramps that can be used to drive over the pan and unload a truck.

Gruber MFG's portable railcar unloaders are available with a 20", 30", or 40" wide PVC belt to meet your unloading requirements. Three different discharge heights are also available to transload from railcar to truck or truck to railcar. 


Standard Features:

- Heavy Duty Steel Frame

- Highway Towable

- Operating Lights For Night Operation

- 4" Tall Low Profile Pan Section

- Tier 4 John Deere Diesel Engine

- Flip-Up Pan Sides For Reduced Spillage

- Heavy Duty Bearings On All Rollers And Pulleys

- PVC 200 Belting

Available Options:

- Side Drive (allows conveyor to move from hopper to hopper under the railcar without having to move the railcar)

- Self-Propelled

- Adjustable Rear Axle (levels the pan section to the rails. A necessary option if rails are above grade)

- Dust Collector (5000 CFM)

- Beltway Belt Scales (+/- 1% accuracy)

- Hydraulic Railcar Door Opener

- Hydraulic Controlled Discharge Hood

- Discharge Hood w/16" Spout for Pothole Opening

- Hydraulic Controls for Vibrator Control