Railcar Transloader

Gruber MFG's portable railcar conveyor is the perfect solution for your transloading needs. It is a versatile, high capacity conveyor that will quickly unload a variety of materials. It is portable, which makes it an ideal choice for when having a fixed pit under the rails isn't feasible. It has a low profile pan section that makes maneuvering under railcars easier. 

Gruber MFG's portable railcar conveyors are available with a 20", 30", or 40" wide PVC belt to meet your unloading requirements. Three different discharge heights are also available to transload from railcar to truck or truck to railcar. Diesel or electric powered are both available


Standard Features:

- Heavy Duty Steel Frame

- Highway Towable

- Operating Lights For Night Operation

- 4" Tall Low Profile Pan Section

- Tier 4 John Deere Diesel Engine

- Flip-Up Inlet Sides For Reduced Spillage

- Heavy Duty Bearings On All Rollers And Pulleys

- PVC 200 Belting

Available Options:

- Side Drive (allows conveyor to move from hopper to hopper under the railcar without having to move the railcar)

- Self-Propelled

- Adjustable Rear Axle (levels the pan section to the rails. A necessary option if rails are above grade)

- Dust Collector (5000 CFM)

- Beltway Belt Scales (+/- 1% accuracy)

- Hydraulic Railcar Door Opener

- Hydraulic Controlled Discharge Hood

- Discharge Hood w/16" Spout for Pothole Opening

- Hydraulic Controls for Vibrator Control

Suggested Uses:

To load / unload the following material:

- Aggregate

- Grain

- Sand

- Fertilizer

- Soybean

- Feed Meal

- Salt

- Sugar

- And Much More!!!